4 Not-So-Obvious Private Label Product Categories to Avoid

I’ve been twiddling my thumbs and doing a lot of “fake” work lately. Not at my full-time job, of course. But I made the mistake of waiting until just before Chinese New Year (CNY) to pull the trigger on my first order of private label products.

Apparently CNY is not a party-one-night-and-wake-up-with-a-hangover type of holiday. Instead, the entire country of China basically shuts down and goes on vacation for the better part of a month. I paid the deposit on my order in late January, just before the factory closed. They returned to work on February 15th, and didn’t resume production operations until the 22nd.

So a word of advice: If you are wanting any inventory in January or February, get the order in before the end of the year. The normal lead-time on my products would be 3 to 4 weeks, but for this one, it’s more like 6 weeks. And that’s why I’m twiddling my thumbs.

So for a lack of anything better to write, I figured I’d cover a topic that will hopefully help someone avoid some huge pitfalls when starting an FBA private label business: products to avoid.

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A Quick Guide to Understanding Private Label Costs and FBA Fees

I jumped off a waterfall into the pond below. And that 3 seconds of fun ended with two shattered legs and 6 months in the hospital!

Okay. Not really. I would never do something like that without first knowing that it’s safe to jump. Would you?

And now for the clever metaphor for selling private label products on Amazon: I would never just pick a product and jump all-in without knowing what was under the surface.

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A Simple Guide for Picking Your First FBA Private Label Product


You don’t have to hit a homerun. You just have to take a swing.

How’s that for sports metaphors? I could go on, but I’ll stop while I’m ahead. The point is: Don’t worry about trying to find the golden goose for your first private label product. Just pick something that looks profitable and won’t break the bank while you test it out.

So how do you do that? All I can do is tell you what I did. Maybe it will work for you, too.

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